8 Minute Profits Review *GETS SAME DAY RESULTS!*

It's not every day I come across a method that will get you results the same day you implement it.

In fact, it's almost never. Usually, it at least takes a week or two, and sometimes at least a month.

But today, we have something that's simple to set up, uses 100% free traffic, and get results the VERY same day.

PLUS… it's a case study and is EXTREMELY newbie friendly. You gotta check this out, because it's only six bucks.

Watch today's 8 minute profits 2.0 review here:


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8 minute profits Score: 9/10– This is a great course, that's extremely affordable. It's very unique, newbie friendly, requires no prior technical experience, uses free traffic, gets same day results, AND it's a case study to top it all off. Meaning everything is laid out step by step, and you see their results and how long it took to get them. In the case study, they made $300 in one day. The course also comes with cheat sheets, over the shoulder video training, and more. IT's a hell of a steal for just six dollars.

OTO 1 – DFY Make Sales with Emails Pack – $27 This method does not revolve around building a list. However when you get to the scaling up portion of the course — aka the part of the course that shows you how to make the most money possible — they do have list building. I always reocmmend you build a list no matter what your niche because it's traffic on demand. However, the list isn't necessary to make money with this method. It's just an additional way to do so. Because of that, this OTO is only useful to you if you plan on building a list. Again, I highly recommend you do. However, you will still make money and get same day results even if you don't build a list. So I rate this one as optional depending on your circumstances.

OTO 2 – DFY Copy and Paste Sales Machine – $27 Now, THIS oto is a completely different story. I ABSOLUTELY think this one is worth it. In the case study of the course, they cover how they made over $300 in just 24 hours. What this is, is their EXACT funnel that they used to do it. So all you have to do is copy and paste it, set up the method, and press go and immediately starts making sales. This is beneficial because it saves you time, headache, and effort due to the fact you don't have to split test your sales page or funnels. You have this one up and running and ready to convert making it practically impossible for you to fail with this unique method. I highly recommend this one, and for $27 it's a great deal considering DFY packs usually go for $67 – $97.

OTO 3 – Live Coaching Masterclass – $197 This OTO is a maybe and also depends on your situation. The course is very easy to do and very easy to understand. What this OTO is is live group coaching where you hop on a call with them, ask them questions, get them answered, learn advanced tricks to make you even more money, and also learn other methods they're currently doing to make money. BEcause this method is so easy to do, you may not need this at all. However, if you want an extra layer of coaching and hand holding to ensure you succeed, then this may be right for you. So it's up to you if this is something that will be useful for you.

All in all, everything you need is in the front end. But each of the OTOs are worth it on their own, and offer different value dependent upon your needs.

Click Here at 9 am EST on 4/27 to get this for $6 AND Get My Special Bonuses Below!


1. Clickbank Atlas Webinar — This is a webinar I held with Devin Zander to show the viewers how to make an easy $50 – $100 a day for free. It's relevant because it will make you even more money, and also makes money fast like in the method above.

2. Meteor Comet – This is my proprietary method for ranking on page 1 of Google WITHOUT a video or website. While this method ahs nothing to do with SEO, this is IMMENSELY helpful in any campaign you run because you can rank on google and rank fast. I sold it for $47, but you're getting it free.

3. How to make $10 a day – The main traffic method in 8 minute profits is free. However, they do offer some paid solutions. BUT, I always recommend making money to spend on paid traffic rather than taking money away from your real life expenses to do that, so I”m giving you my course “How to make $10 a day every day” so that you can use the paid traffic methods if you wish 🙂

4. Daily Profit Machines – I was able to twist Mark's arm and get him to give me this course he previously sold as a bonus to give you guys. It originally sold for $7. You get it free.

5. Elite Money Machines – This is another course they sold. They also gave it to me to give to you for free if you pick up this course. So not only do you get my awesome bonuses above, but you get three courses for the price of one here. This is an insane deal

All in all, the bonuses are designed to make you more money, get you more traffic, and overall ensure your success. You can claim them in the warriorplus bonus area or your receipt after purchase. If you have any trouble, you can always submit a ticket at http://soulweb.freshdesk.com/ with your receipt to get the bonus, or simply reply to one of my emails with your receipt.

Click Here at 9 am EST on 4/27 to get this for $6 AND Get My Special Bonuses Below!

Questions or comments? Please comment below, reply to one of my emails, or submit a ticket at http://soulweb.freshdesk.com. I love hearing from you and helping in any way I can.

  1. Diane Wooddell, 19 May, 2017

    I did the 8 profit offer. It is a scam. It is not the same as the on your website. Bummer.

  2. Stephen Gilbert, 24 May, 2017

    Hm, I don’t think it is a scam. Maybe you should get a refund check my other comments and I’ll make sure you get one.

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