Honest Affiliate Rebirth Review & Great Bonus Pack!

I've been away from the PC for a week now on a self imposed internet break, and in doing so I completely missed this FRESH new course that shows anyone, even newbies, how to make 3k to 5k every mo using 100% free traffic. And it's SUPER unique and special. However, the one downside everyone is ignoring is just how long it takes to get results.
In fact, following their method you'll have to wait 3 to 4 weeks before you start getting any earnings. But when you combine it with my bnuses… you'll be able to start getting high quality buyer's traff within the exact same day. This way, you start profiting immediately while you wait for the actual method to “kick in.” But more on the bonuses in a minute.
But… not only is this method a great way to make profits, it's also a great way to get traffic. In their case studies, they got over 1.5 million visitors for zero cost. But like I said, that takes 3 – 4 weeks. And my bnus turns the waiting curve down to zero.
Here's what makes this stand out and worth your time:
  • Absolutely no cost to you. If you're low on a budget and trying to find aw ay to become successful without having to spend a fortune, this is it because it doesn't cost you anything. Only time.
  • It's 100% fresh. This is a brand new way of bringing in profits on line. And you just don't see much fresh stuff these days, so that's a plus.
  • Everything you need is laid out in the front end.
  • Includes case studies as well that walk yu through everything so you can copy it step by step.
  • Includes free traff training, but waiting on this traff takes 3 to 4 weeks. My bnus will get youy traff instantly.
  • Works in any niche.
All in all, this is a really good course a nice fresh breathe of fresh air. I remember when I first started, I spent over 4,000 bux trying to make it online. And most of that was wasted. But with this you don't have to spend anything.
And because my bnuses get you results same day, you don't have t owait the 3-4 weeks either which will give you the confidence to stay focused on this and not waste your moolah on anything else. This could literally be the last course you ever need. So long as you focus.
Like everything else I review, the OTOs are ALWAYS optional. Everything you need is in the front end. But I do like to give you a run down of what the otos are and also my opinion on them so you can decide if they're right for you or not.
OTO 1 – DFY Everything Pack – 47:  This is a really nice pack and normally I'd sell something like this for 67 bux, but they have it much cheaper. The reason it's nice is because you get 10 already picked profitable niches that you can jump right into. 10 profitable keywords for those niches. All the keyword research done for you so you can get the free traffic in the FE. Complete reports on how to rank in those niches. The best products to promo in those niches, and more. Essentially this pack is designed to take ALL the hard work out of the FE. Even down to picking products to convert for that niche. So, this is definitely worth it in my opinion because it cuts your work load way down and you don't have to worry if you're actually gonna make moolah or get traffic or not.
OTO 2 – Case Study Pack – 67:  This is their case study pack. Now, the FE comes with a case study of it's own which is very useful. This pack comes with 4 case studies showing 4 profitable campaigns, products, the traffic source, how much they made, etc. It shows everything. The only purpose of buying these is if you like to follow along step by step when implementing the method (but since a case study is included in the FE, that maeks this point moot.) Therefore the only other reason to use this is to copy the case studies yourself and implement the campaigns yourself. That way you have 4 profitable proven campaigns you can use from the get go and know they're going to work. You just have to copy what they did.
NORMALLY, this would NOT be worth it because of competition meaning if you did try to copy them you'd be competing with everyone else. However, I just checked the aff network to see how many copies this has sold and it's showing 50+ which means 50 – 100. Therefore, I feel safe enough to say that if you DO want to pick this up and copy the campaigns, it's a safe bet because you wont' have much competition at all. Studies show only 3 people out of 100 who buy a product actually do it, so I don't think there will be any competition here if you do decide to do this. Just TAKE action!
OTO 3 – Triple your Traffic and Profits – 27:  This is an OTO that gives you advanced strategies on how to get more traffic by building high quality links an doing SEO. The goal of this pack si to enable you to rank higher, but also rank in more tough niches. So if you're planning on going after tough niches, this might be worth picking up. However, my bnuses will show you how to get traff for free so this one is up to you.
All in all none of the bnuses are bad. The DFY pack is the best in my opinion. I also like the case study one because there's no threat of competition, however it's a little pricey so that one's up to you. Especially because a case study is included in the FE. As for OTO 3, it's only worth it if you plan to go after tougher niches with higher ranking sites. Otherwise, OTO 1 is the only one I'd pick up myself. And maybe OTO 2 for the copy and paste case studies. But either way yo ustill have to wait 3 – 4 weeks to start getting results without my bnuses.
The goal of this bnus pack is to make it so that you dont' have to wait 3 to 4 weeks to start getting results. Instead, I want you to be able to start getting results same day. This way, you can stay focused and not jump around and risk getting product overload from taking on too many projects. If you focus on this project only and NOTHING else, you will succeed and so my bnuses are engineered to help you do just that!
Bonus 1 – 15k free buyer's traff a day – This bnus is a course that previously sold for 27 bux. Inside, it shows you how to immediately start getting 10,000 to 15,000 high quality visits a day to your site meaning you'll start profiting instantly. And there's no wait time! So you'll be able to use this to start sending traff and making moolah.
Bonus 2 – My WSO Snap Affiliate Profits – This course ties in PERFECTLY with the FE in this method. It shows you how to take advantage of coupons and cheap penny click ads to get extra traffic. I wanted to include this in case you wanted to jump start your traffic even more. However, bonus #1 will be enough to get you started right away.
Bonus 3 – An extra 10k+ a mo? – The Fe course shows you how to make 3k. But what if you could triple that and make up to 10k every month. Would you wanna do it? That's what this course shows you. And it too involves 100% free traff. I wanted to include this so you could make even MORE money, and since it's similar to the course I'm reviewing, it makes sense to use a few more iminutes of your time and maximize your effort so that you make as much profit as possible.
All in all, the BIG bnus here is the one that gets you traffic instantly. That's bnus #1. This way, you don't ahve to wait forever to get results. The others are nice add-ons and previously sold for 10 bux and 27 bux respectively, and also got deal of the day. But… you get them included making this bnus pack and course essentially a 4 for 1 deal.
Snag this fast!
-Stephen Gilbert, SW


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