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Stephen Gilbert is a full time Stay at Home Dad / Internet Business Entrepreneur. He started his business in 2008 and for over 9 years has been a leader on the forefront of the internet advertising and marketing industry helping tens of thousands of people and grossing millions of dollars in sales. He uses his proven and successful background as a platform to advocate for massive online marketing industry overhauls including asking all partners to pledge these values: 1. Create higher quality products 2. Be honest always 3. Have Integrity 4. Desire to help others. These values come through in the content Stephen creates and are what Soulweb stands for. This shows not only in the products he creates, but more importantly the hundreds that he review in-depth for his readers every single week, not only on this blog, but elsewhere. Learn more here: http://soulweb.org/internet-marketing-scam-protection-service/

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