Without it, you don't have a business.

You can't build a list. You can't make sales. You can't even get people on your website.

Usually, there's only two ways to get it. SEO. Or PPC.

But today, this revolutionary new software launched and it is AMAZING because it gets you tens of thousands of visitors EVERY SINGLE DAY for free… in ANY niche.

See how they're getting 12k+ targeted visitors for free every day here:


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Board Commander Score: 10/10– This software is groundbreaking because it finally solves the traffic problem that so many pepole face. Especially when they're first starting out. You can expect to start getting traffic IMMEDIATElY. ANd with that traffic you will make sales, build your list, or just send it wherever you want. That's why I'm so excited about this and think it's something EVERYONE needs to pick up.

OTO 1 – Unlimited Pack – $67 This is a very strong OTO because it basically allows you to scale up and multiply your traffic. So imagine instead of getting 12k visitors a day, your'e getting double, triple, or quadruple that. I highly recommend it.

OTO 2 – Reseller's rights – $97 This allows you to sell the software yourself and keep ALL the profit. Normally I wouldn't recommend something like this because unless you have an audience you can sell to, it's a waste of money. HOWEVER, with this software you could literally get the traffic and SELL the software to that traffic making this potentially worth it and worth considering. It's up to you!

OTO 3 – DFY Graphics – $37 You do need graphics to get the traffic from the software. Graphics are easy to make. But if you're short on time, or don't know how to make graphics, then this is definitely worth picking up because you can get started right away.

All in all, everything you need is in the front end. But each of the OTOs are worth it on their own, and offer different value dependent upon your needs.

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Additional Bonus #1) Access to AND RESALE RIGHTS to Bounce Baby. This is a $197 price tag usually, but I secured it for you for free. A software created by Brett Rutecky that EVERY WEBSITE owner needs. You can use board commander to sell this to the free traffic you get and you get to keep ALL the profits. You can see what bounce baby does by clicking here.

Additional Bonus #2) Access AND RESALE rights to the software called Instant Video Sites… another $197 value… which creates automated youtube sites that earn you passive income at the push of a button. You can see what this does by clicking here.

Additional Bonus #3) Access to AND RESEALE rights to Mobile Optmization Pro… Also another $197 value. This software makes ANY webiste mobile optimized. Yet again, thsi is another way for you to make money with board commander. You can see the full feature list of this by clicking here.

Additional Bonus #4) Access and Resale rights to this $97 “how to make money online” course created by Brett Rutecky. See that by clicking here.

Additional Bonus #5) FREE ACCESS to the Board Commander Facebook Mastermind. This costs $27 normally. But I was able to get you in for free so that you can make sure you SUCCEED with board commander as fast as possible, and make as much as possible.

Additional Bonus #6) A $33,000 case study by Turn Key Profits Machines that involves the manual process that Board Commander operates. So you know just HOW MUCH MONEY you're gonna make by doing this.

All in all, you'll be getting one of the BIGGEST and Most VALUABLE bonuses packs I've EVER put together. SO DONT WAIT. Lock in board commander and get this $600+ bonus pack today.

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  1. Austin Helsel, 25 April, 2017

    i am having the same issue, no place for the 20.00 discount???
    And I did not see anyone answering your question. I am ready to buy.

  2. Stephen Gilbert, 27 April, 2017

    It should have been at the checkout page, and the 20 dollars off was during the early bird period and was already built in. Cheers!

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