Commissionology Review – 400 Proven DFY Campaigns…

One of the hardest parts at making money online is actually creating a campaign that will convert.

It takes sales skills, copywriting skills, ad creation….

It just isn't easy.

That's why when I saw that Michael CHeney was giving away 400 of his campaigns for a small fee… AND access to every single one of his future campaigns I got excited.

Because his campaigns are some of the best in the industry and they are kNOWN To convert. Meaning all you have to do is copy and paste.

Which is exactly what these 6-7 newbies did in the video you're about to see.

Watch today's Commissionology Review Here:


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Commissionology Score: 8/10– Commissionology is a cool idea. BUt I don't like it's price of $27/mo. I understand he needs to charge recurring in order to maintain his “license” but I never like recurring. HOWEVER, with that said, this is still very useful if you want a copy paste way to make money. In the course they show you how to make money without a list, but obviously if you have a list you'll make even more.

OTO 1 – DFY Bonuses Pack – $47 This pack gives you bonuses you can use on your campaigns. You know how a bunch of people give away bonuses if people buy something? Well, this takes care of that and gives you every bonus pack he's ever created so that you too cna use them on your campaigns. WHether that's with email, facebook, or any other traffic source. You'll have to decide if this is right for you.

OTO 2 – List Building Black Ops- $97 This is a tad expensive. But where these campaigns really shine is if you have an email list. You can just copy them in, hit send, and make money. But if you don't have a list how do you get one? Well, this shows you how to build a list FOR FREE from scratch. Which would then allow you to make even more money with commissionology. But again, you don't need a list to be successful with commissionology. All you need is the method they give you in the course.

All in all, both OTOs are dependent upon your needs and up to you.

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  1. Kristen, 04 April, 2017

    I bought Michael Cheney’s product but don’t see anywhere the bonuses that you tacked on. Where do we get those?

  2. Stephen Gilbert, 07 April, 2017

    They should be in the JVZOO bonus area, but if not submit a ticket at and my assistant david will get you taken care of.

  3. Nick, 05 April, 2017

    What’s the difference between this and 7 Figure Franchise?

  4. Stephen Gilbert, 07 April, 2017

    I’m not sure, I haven’t heard of 7 figure franchise 🙁

  5. Max, 07 April, 2017

    Hey Stephen, are the OTOs available for later purchase from within the members’ area?

    In other words, if I get in on the FE now ($27/mo), will I be able to purchase either or both of the OTOs later on once I’m making some scratch? Cash is kinda tight right now y’know, but would probably wanna get ’em later on down the road…

  6. Stephen Gilbert, 08 April, 2017

    Hi max, yes you can indeed pick them up later as needed. Cheers!

  7. Max, 08 April, 2017

    Thank you Stephen, I appreciate the feedback! 🙂

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