Easy 4 figure paydays?

Well, I got my arm twisted today….
As you have probably noticed, I've been quiet the past few weeks. Not emailing you nearly as much. Part of that is because my wife Amelia is on bed rest and our second child is due any day now, so I”m having  to pick up slack around the house and take care of our daughter. The other part is I've just been SUPER down about the state of the industry. It's one crappy product after another. 
Sure, there's been one or two good ones here or there, but when you tend to review 20-30 different products a week and they're all crap… it starts to wear on you. At least it does me. Maybe this is too much info, I don't know. But I did want to explain why I haven't been around as much. It's not permanent at least.
Anyway, earlier today Simple Spencer messaged me and kinda tricked me into doing something I wasn't planning on ever doing again.
You see, him and I released a course around a year ago that helped a TON of people go from zero to 4 figures per day online using nothing but Affiliate Marketing.
It's been nothing but success story after success story. 
And even though we haven't let anyone have access to this in a long long time, Spencee got an email today again with yet ANOTHER success story which prompted this whole thing in the first place. This is what started the arm twisting. He wants me to reopen the training that created so many success stories. Because it combines my best training and his best training and has helped a ton of people.
But there's one big problem…
My training is known as some of the BEST training because it converts newbies into 4 figure/day earners. The thing is, I ONLY offer it in my 5k coaching program that most people simply CANNOT afford I released it previously once or twice at HUGE discount. But last time we did, I said that was it and we weren’t gonna do it anymore. The info is just TOO valuable and I didn’t want it in too many people’s hands.
And part of me still doesn't. But at the same time… you guys come first.
You may have noticed I have been quiet the past couple of weeks. And the reason for that is there’s just SO MUCH BS out there it makes me sick. I get tired of it. I can’t stand the liars in this industry who are out for themselves and aren’t trying to help anyone.
So Spencer came back to me, and I spoke to him for about an hour and he finally got me to agree to reopen this again. Because this is something that will truly help you. It can actually change your life. Unlike all the crap that keeps coming out of JVZ and w+.
And I’m not just saying that. Spencer and I have gathered the testimonials to prove it. In fact, we got one just today. But more on that later. The real question is, “What are we teaching that’s helping so many people?”
Three main things:

1. How to land 4 figure paydays consistently as an affiliate
2. How to build a massive list of raving “FANS”
3. How to email those FANS and make multi 6-figures per year from them (that's what he's currently doing)
I am responsible for creating some of the current biggest names in the industry. I won't name names. But a good chunk of the marketers that are known for being honest and ethical came straight out of this training and coaching that I gave them.
But what makes the training even better, and leads to all these success stories… is Spencer has included ALL of his #1 affiliate strategies and list building strategies in the training too.
And when you combine my affiliate promo strategies with his list building strategies, you get HUGE paydays.
Spencer recently had a 10k payday doing exactly what is taught in this course. And I had a 12k one.
Obviously we've been doing this a while though. So how much could a newbie realistically make doing what we teach if they’re just getting started?
Newbies can make 1k to 2k in the first week.
Bold statement I know. But once you take our list building strategies, you’ll be able to build a list of 500-1k in a week. And using our epic promo strategies… you’ll be able to convert even a few clicks at 30-75%. So it’s VERY reasonable to assume you’ll make 1k to 2k very quickly using our best strategies… the EXACT ones we want to give you.
And so here we are now on the fence about releasing this stuff and his personal systems+templates and also my personal systems+templates.
Like I said before, we're reluctant because we don't want this stuff to get out to the masses.
But this stuff is just too good to keep to ourselves.. not with all the lies and scams out there.
…It wouldn't be right.
“Why are you guys even thinking about doing this? Seriously..”
I know, right?
That's what we're thinking as well…
So now it's your turn to twist our “digital arm”…
Reply to this post with:
If we get enough replies, we will see what we can do to get this 4/figure day gold nuggets into your hands. I honestly thought I’d never get the opportunity to show you this training again.
Seriously as this training is on my hard drive, it feels like it's a HUGE digital DIAMOND just sitting there.
Because this is THE answer to turning complete newbies into 4 figure/day rockstars..
So the ball is in your court now.
Show us some interest on this..
Otherwise we'll assume there's not enough interested peeps and we'll just keep this diamond to ourselves..
I hope you're well!

-Stephen Gilbert (and Spencer)

  1. Anish Krisna, 01 September, 2017


  2. Stephen Gilbert, 21 September, 2017

    Hey Anish, we already sold trhis. But if you’d like to get into this program nd see what it’s all about, I’ll send you an email. Let me know!

  3. omare, 08 September, 2017

    Hello, I’m interested in your training on “4-FIGURE/DAY ARM TWIST!” How can I get access to it?

  4. Stephen Gilbert, 21 September, 2017

    We have a spot or two open from peopel that have refunded. If you’d like to get in, check the email I just sent ya.

  5. scott lichau, 21 October, 2017

    are any coaching program spots available?

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