Ecom Domination Review – 6 Newbies Now Making $10k+/mo with this.

One of the questions I get most often is, “What is something I can do to make money fast?” There's just really hard times for people around the globe…

And usually, I don't have an answer.

But today, that changes.

And I don't say this lightly, but I've spoken to 6 different newbies so far who have taken this and started making sales almost immediately. And 4/6 of them have already hit the $10k/mo mark and it's ALL thanks to this training which has over 30 years of experience and tens of millions of dollars in sales involved in creating it.

We'll talk more about that in the video below, but first I wanted to summarize why this course is special.

-This is comprehensive video training course based on dozens of different case studies that they've run throughout the years. You're getting training from two ecom masters who are actually doing what they're going to be teaching you.

-There are NO overhead costs to start. Because this course is designed to take a complete newbie to then running a fulltime business, they start you off using free traffic and selling things that have NO overhead. Meaning you don't have to have any money upfront to spend.

-Then, as you continue on through the training, they walk you through scaling that up into a full time ecom business that's bringing in tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars a month.

-As if that wasn't enough, this is also a COMPLETE business in a box system. You even get the 5 softwares you'll need to run a successful ecom business. Not to mention the most in-depth training i've ever seen.

-This course is meant to take you from A to Z. From 100% free traffic methods and making money to a full scale empire pulling in hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue a month. This is the most comprehensive course I've ever seen, and quite probably the last course you'll ever need if you take action.

To show you just how serious this is, I wanted to show you some screenshot of what you can expect

Alright. Now that you've seen the results… let's jump into the course.

Watch today's Ecom Domination Review Here:


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Ecom Domination Score: 10/10– This is the most comprehensive course I've ever seen. It walks you through the first baby steps of your ecommerce business using 100% free traffic and tools with zero overhead, and then carries you to the levels you see above of hundreds of thousands of dollars a month.

In fact, if you want to see legitimate testimonials of this course, click the image at the top of this page to enlarge it.

OTO 1 – Handholding Coaching – $67/mo With this package, you'll be able to get full access to biweekly masterclass webinars where Jon and Sam answer ALL of your questions. They have over 30 years combined experience and tens of millions in sales in the ecom business. This is your chance to have unfettered access to them. This one is recurring, but it's set up as recurring so you can have access to them ONLY for as long as you need. So if you only need them for a month, you can cancel. IF you only need them for two months, you can cancel. You get the idea. I think this is a steal for such a low price.

OTO 2 – DFY Proven to Convert WP Themes- $67 Everything you need to succeed with this course is in the front end alone. HOwever, if you want the exact themes they use in their ecom businesses, themes that are proven to convert and drive sales, then consider picking this up. You get 9 custom themes that you can't get anywhere else. However, it should be noted that in the front end course they cover free themes for you to use. Like I said, there's no overhead to start doing this 🙂

OTO 3 – The Step by Step Outsourcing Pack – $97 This method is extremely easy to do. Therefore, Jon and Sam realized some people may want to outsource it. So if you want access to their exact outsourcers as well on training on how to make this a completely hands free operation, then consider picking up this pack. It's wworth it. Otherwise, keep it simple and do it yourself 🙂

All in all, everything you need is in the front end. But each of the OTOs are worth it on their own, and offer different value dependent upon your needs.

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If you decide to pick this up, you'll be getting access to ALL of my previous courses. These include:

  1. Social Traffic Alchemy
  2. Commission Comet
  3. 100k in 30 days
  4. CPA Giveaway Frenzy
  5. Snap Video Profits
  6. Snap Affiliate Profits
  7. Super Simple Rankings
  8. Super CPA Profits
  9. Super Simple Profits
  10. Super Simple Videos
  11. Video Comet
  12. Ebay Bum
  13. Meteor Comet

You'll get access to these other 4 additional bonuses below, also only available from me:
Bonus #1) Ecom SEO NEO – This course shows you how to get free page 1 rankings on Google for hot buying keywords. This is relevant because you'll be able to rank your pages of your ecom store on page 1 of Google and get free traffic from that which means sales. Not only that, but this is BUYER'S traffic. Meaning they only come to your page if they're looking to buy what's already listed on your page. Meaning you'll make a ton of sales.

Bonus #2) The front end course covers traffic of course, and also covers how to build pages that convert so you amke sales. But I wanted to add my own bonus that will show you how to build even more high attention grabbing pages that convert. Meaning you'll make more sales and get a higher conversion rate from your visitors.

Bonus #3) Continuing on the traffic theme, my last two bonuses are designed to make your store go viral. So, in this bonus I'm going to teach you how to create viral content for free and send that traffic to your store.

Bonus #4) Then the final bonus is going to show you how to take that viral content you just created, and use it for maximum effect to get the most possible traffic.

All in all, you'll be getting 3 bonsues designed around getting you free traffic to your store, and one designed on creating pages that leads to sales. All of this is of course covered in the front end course, but I wanted to give you my advice as well so that you are guaranteed to succeed. Plus you'll get getting ALL of the courses you see above!

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Questions or comments? Please comment below. I love hearing from you and helping in any way I can. You can also reply to any email I've sent you and I will respond.

  1. Troy Evans, 09 April, 2017

    I put my money in and i got nothing back

  2. Stephen Gilbert, 17 April, 2017

    Did you not get the course? I can make sure it gets delivered to ya. LEmme know

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