Honest eCompare Review and Demo

Let's talk about ecommerce / shopify. It's definitely profitable, but if anyone says it doesn't take a lot of time and money to be successful they're lying.

When it comes down to it, running a shopify store ain't easy. You have to worry about inventory, shipping, customer service, handling money, sourcing products… and most of the time you even have to put your money up front to buy products before you can start making money selling them. Yuck.

That's why when I found this brilliant new software that puts a HUGE twist on ecommerce, I was immediately enthralled.

It's eCompare, and here's why it's absolutely incredible:
-It creates a full ecommerce store in 60 seconds. Filling it with products that are proven to sell, product listings, buy buttons, and more. It even optimizes the site and pages so they rank quickly in Google. But that's not why this is amazing.
-It's amazing, because instead of actually selling products you've sourced from other places and have to spend your money on, it actually lists products from the TOP SEVEN AFFILIATE WEBSITES on the internet. Meaning all you have to do is give the software your affiliate links for those sites, and it lists them there all on the store page. But that's still not why it's the coolest thing I've seen in a long time…
-This is the coolest software I've seen in years because of this: It shows the shopper / potential customer the prices of each of those seven networks. And gives them the lowest priced option. This one feature alone leads to a 200% increase in sales. Meaning if you were making 10 sales a day before, now you'll be making 30, etc.

So let me sum that up again: It creates highly optimized ecommerce selling machines, fills them with products that are proven to be best sellers (including the images and listings and everything else), optimizes them to rank in Google so you get traffic, AND shows the price of each item from the 7 top internet affiliate retailers so the customer KNOWS they're getting the best deal. Which leads to an insane increase in sales!

And also means you don't have to do anything like you have to do with shopify. No money needed. No shipping needed. No endless hours of research needed. NO neeed to rank. And thanks to my bonuses… no need for traffic either. But more on that after the video.

Do you see why EVERYONE should be pumped about this?!

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Watch today's Ecompare Review and Demo Here:


Click Here at 10 am EST on 6/17 to get this for the Early Bird Discount PLUS My Bonuses Below…!

eCompare Score: 10/10– This thing is simply flawless. In fact, I'd say it's actually a technological achievement. Definitely an industry achievement. Why? Because it flips the old expensive ways of Shopify/eCommerce on it's head. No longer do you have to pay a monthly fee for shopify. No longer do you have to spend your own money to buy products before you can sell them. No longer do you have to spend hours and hours doing research for products that actually sell. No longer do you have to worry about ranking. This software does it all for you. Builds your site. Fills your site with proven best selling items (images, listings, and all). Optimizes the whole thing so it ranks and you get traffic. AND lists the price from the 7 top retail affiliate networks so the shopper / customers knows they're getting the best deal for the lowest price. Meaning you get the affiliate commissions simply for being the middleman. This thing is just epic.

OTO 1 – Unlimited Use & Additional Features – $67 This pack lets you use it an unlimited times and create unlimited sites. I dont' think that's a very appealing feature though, becuase how many people are going to create the 50 full sites you get with the front end? However, the other things of this pack make it well worth it. Like opening up lead collection in multiple different ways so you can build an email list. Unlocking the Facebook Store option so you can put the same functionality on your facebook fan page or group. And even coming with many more themes that are also optimized for selling. Just like the front end. Unlimited use aside, this pack is well worth it for those features alone. Especially the email list, because you'll be able to build a list fast and constantly send customers to your site whenever you post a new product or run a sale!

OTO 2 – Developer's & Flipping Edition – $37 To me, this is the best OTO out of the three and has the most value though. For $37 bucks, you get developer's rights which allows you to install this for clients or let people pay you for the right to install it on their site. But even then, that's also not the best thing about this OTO. The best thing about this OTO is it shows you how to FLIP THESE SITES for thousands of dollars after just a few weeks. The extensive training includes a couple case studies, and shows you how to quickly get a site up and running, get traffic to it, start making sales, and make a few grand in literally just a few weeks time. And since this software does 95% of the work for you, it's a no brainer and definitely one of the fastest ways I've seen for making a few grand online fast.

OTO 3 – Reseller's Rights – $177+ This is the typical reseller's option that will allow you to sell this software as your own and keep the profit. Basically, this gives you the rights to sell the eCompare software as your very own and keep all the money for yourself. It's up to you if you want this one. Generally I only recommend this if you have people you can sell it to! Like friends, family, or an online following / audience! Or if you're just good at selling software 🙂

All in all, none of the OTOs are bad and each add their own unique thing depending on what you want and need. If anything, I would DEFINITELY get OTO 2 because that's going to make you a ton of money by flipping. I'd strongly encourage you get OTO 1 as well because that will help you build a list fast which is an unlimited traffic source that you can mail anytime an item goes on sale or you list something new on the site. Furthermore, it also unlocked the facebook feature so you can have an entire store on your facebook page or group… And it comes wit heven more themes. So it's definitely worth it as well. OTO 3 is the typical reseller's rights. As always, it's up to you if you want that one and think you have people who will buy it from you.

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1. eCom Viral Post Monster – This is a tool that will get you fast, free viral traffic from any niche using the power of FB. This will get you the fast traffc while you wait for your page to start ranking in Big G.
2. eCom Content Expert – This tool will help you create viral content in seconds that is PROVEN to work. This way, you can immediately have stuff to use with ecom viral post monster.
3. eCom Site Mobile Converter – This will convert your new site to be mobile ready. Since 50% of shoppers these days do so from tehir phone, you'll definitely need to have a high converting mobile setup in place and this does just that. You'll be able to take advantage of every sale, and make the most moolah.
4. 25 DFY Optimized Themes – These are themes specifically designed to SELL and increase conversions of ecommerce stores. I wanted to give them to you so you could make the perfect store to fit your taste and niche. Each theme is proven to convert extremely high and make more ecom sales than standard themes.
5. WP Contentio Reseller Rights – This is a plugin you'll be able to use to create high quality content for any site in any niche in seconds. You'll also get resell rights meaning you can sell it and keep the profit.
6. WP FreshPop Reseller Rights – This software / training combo will make you even more moolah. Not only can it help you build your list, but it can lead to actual 100% real profits. It works by giving you a TON of different options for when to show a “popup” and it actually bypasses all known adbloc technology. You can use it for everything from list building to making even more moolah, or announcing sales or discnts. It's all open to your imagination! You'll be able to use it, or resell it yourself 🙂
7. Free Access to ZipLinks – Which will allow u to track your ranking progress of your new store.

With all of this, you'll be set to DOMINATE the brand new ecom market without having to do ANY of the hard work.

Just sit back, relax, let the store do it's thing, and while you're waiting for everything to get ranked by the software itself, use my first two bnuses to immediately start getting traffic in any niche.

In fact, if I were you, I'd go ahead and set up 5 different stores. AFter all, the more that are spread across the web, the more traffic you'll get and the more you'll make.

Click Here at 10 am EST on 6/17 to get this for the Early Bird Discount PLUS My Bonuses Below…!

  1. DK Fynn, 17 June, 2017

    My understanding is that eCompare is a plugin, and that it’s really the WP theme that determines whether a site is responsive/mobile friendly.

    Having said that, is eCompare mobile friendly? That is, does it display optimally within a responsive theme?

  2. Stephen Gilbert, 01 September, 2017

    Hey DK, just noticed I missed your comment. Yes it displays optimially within a responsive theme 🙂


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