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Hello fellow skeptics and self preservationists. Like many of you here, I too am always HIGHLY suspicious of anyone who is selling anything within the internet marketing or online software space. Most of these people operate through the sites:,, and  And while using those sites alone doesn't guarantee that it's a scam or that there's corruption, there is still always a minimum of a 50% chance that you COULD get scammed.

However, there is a major misunderstanding that's taken place between people like the skeptics and the vendors who participate in this community as a whole.  You see, for the most part, I.M.s reputation is well deserved. There's a shit ton of assholes out there that are just looking to line their pockets at the expense of those who were just trying to pick themselves up by the bootstraps and get a leg up in life. And frankly, that's wrong.

I know I don't usually go off about this, but it's relevant. I promise. You see, these vendors ALWAYS wanna sell you the next best this or the next best that, all backed by promises of fast earnings or traffic or what the fuck ever.

But in reality, they never wanna tell you about the real money maker:  List Building and Email Marketing.

You see, while you're wasting dozens of hours of your precious time after work every week trying to do some weird youtube voodoo or trying to get free traffic from instagram to for some reason buy something (even though the photos they tell you to post are a major nuisance that push people away), they're working minimal hours by simply sending out emails to the customers on their lists about the “next best thing.”. AKA, people like us. Why do they do this? Because it's 100% quite honestly the most profitable way to make money online with the least amount of money required.

I'll give you an example, even though I try my hardest to be ethical and one of the good guys, even I reap the benefits of this. In the last 10 days alone, I have made over $9,000 in profit between 5 different niches all of which I have an email list built into. And here's the kicker:  I literally maybe only worked 3 to 4 hours to get those results.

But steve, you're hardly like us if you're able to do that. You're just like them!

Now hold on their kiddo. Those results ARE NOT consistent for me at all and here's why. Unlike other vendors out there who promote anything they can get their hands on and overhype the shit out of everything they promote so that they can continue to make money day after day, even if the product sucks, I don't do that.

You see, I may make 9k for this 10 days. But that wasn't because I was being a lying, douchebag asshole. Rather, it's because there happened to be a handful of really good and useful products all launching within a few days of each other.

For the most part though, whenever i have a good stretch of days like that, it's usually followed by another 2 to 3 weeks of slow results where I'll only earn a pittance compared to that. And the reason is, I refuse to lie to you, cheat you, or try to convince you to buy this “next best thing” that is nothing more than snakeoil. Which is the exact opposite of what 75-85% of other email marketers do. They don't care about you. They just care about your money.

Listen, I know I'm ranting now but I want to cut to the point of all this.

If you haven't started building a list yet, no matter what niche you're in, you need to. It's the most profitable way to spend your time. Literally. Using my example above my time was suddenly worth something like $2.2k an hour. No job in the world can compare to the amount of money email marketing makes. Even with minimal time spent and effort.

Thankfully, I'm about to change all that for you and make it possible for you to start building a list today. For Free. In any niche. And get that list to 2,000 subs by the end of the week which will then continue to grow from there.


A brand new software was just released that can build you a hyper targeted email list in ANY niche for absolutely no cost. But more on that in a sec…


Between 2008 and 2011 I only made 21,000 in profit online. I was able to scrape by because I was in college, but that's still not enough to live off of in real life.

However, at the beginning of 2012 I finally started to listen to ALL of the advice i kept hearing. So, I built a list. Within those next 12 months, I had made 125,000 in profit. Not gross. Not pre tax. Pure profit.

List building is 100% the key and now I've put together the ultimate box of goodies to MAKE SURE that every single one of you builds a list starting today.

I have a lot more info to give you, but if you'd like to jump in now and grab my giant bnus pack that will make sure you have thousands of clicks a day in fre traffic for these opt-in pages, additional advanced training that reveals everything I've learned over the past 6 years of list building and email marketing, my exact DFY email templates so that email writing won't be a problem, and my exact email campaigns that have grossed me over 1.5 million profit… Then do that by clicking here.

So, here's how you're going to build your list and make moolah w/ this software:

1) Let the software work it's magic and create a high quality info prod in ANY niche of your choosing.

2) Then, set up a squeeze page and start sending traffic to it. Make it so that they get a free gift (your ebook) if they opt in.

3) Use the rest of what I'm about to tell you to wildly profit and make huge aff. comms. Even if you can only send 20 – 30 clicks.

How exactly will you make moolah by doing this?

Here's the deal. This software has several cool features. But the only important one is that it creates high quality info products in any niche. Now, normally, people would then sell those ebooks. And you certainly can do that if you want. But the drawback is it only leads to short term gains. Meaning you have to sell ebook after ebook after ebook to see any consistent results.

Whereas if you have a list, all you have to do is send carefully structured emails and email campaigns to them to make profit whenever you want to. And yes, I know this is hard. But it won't be for you because I'm giving you my personal email template document AND my proven email campaign strategy that leads to 30%+ conversions. Even on products that cost 67 bux or more. So you won't have to stress about the email thing because I've got you covered.

So in my opinions, if you truly want to succeed and change your life, you should listen to the training in the course as well as the training in one of the bnuses I'm giving you and instead give these ebooks away in exchange for people signing up to your list.
And if you had the want to take it a step further, you could even sell other ebooks the software generated for you TO that list and keep all the profit.

Either way, the important thing you need to know here is list building is 100% the most profitable and long term sustainable form of income generation online. Nothing beats it. And because it takes so little time to write a short email, you can literally start making thousands of dollars from even a small list that only sends 100 clicks. Just by following the instructions in my bnuses. Check it out here, it's only discnted during the next few hrs for the early bird. Then it goes way up.

So, what exactly are the bnuses? Because it seems like they tie into this a lot more than usual:
* Yes, that's a very good observation. But please allow me to explain why I've set things up like this. For one, I do not believe it is ethical for people to sell ebooks and information that they don't actually know anything about. It's almost like the blind leading the blind and I think it's immoral. So while you could indeed build a list by selling these ebooks and have some success, the much faster results are going to come from actually giving these ebooks away in exchange for opt-ins so that your list grows and grows and grows. And of course the more your list grows, the more moolah you make.

* Why wouldn't selling these be as easy or fast? Simply because you have to make connections. Meet people. Talk to them. Send them aff sales, develop products up to those affs standards, and THEN get them to mail for you. It's a 6 month long process at the very least, but honestly usually takes 1-2 years for people to get established. Even then the competition is brutal with some days hosting over 6-10 launches.

That's why my bnus pack is so important. It contains everything you need to hit the ground running. Honestly, with these bnuses you could easily build a list of 1,000 or 2,000 in people in the next seven days if you follow the trainings. And a list of 1k EASILY sends 100 clicks. And with the bnuses I'm about to list, those 100k clicks can make you thousands of bux for literally a couple hours of work.

So, without further ado, my giant bnus pack:

BNS # 1: Free Social Media Traffic Masterclass – So that you can get started building your list right away without spending a dime, I needed to include additional training than what was in the course. The course does have good training to get you started, but this training will literally take you to the next level and get you 400% more results. That means 400% more clicks and more leads. And it does it for free and fast. It covers step by step the main 30 ways you can get traffic from Social Media starting right now, for no cost. I wanted to include this so you could build your list as fast as possible by getting started right away, while also saving you a ton of money and stress so that you don't have to spend moolah on ads.

BNS # 2: 450k in 90 days elite special webinar that I've never released for free anywhere before. It shows you step by step how to launch these ebooks so you can build your list an additional way, and also make more moolah. These are the exact steps and methods I used to gross 450k in 90 days alone by just
sellin' these ebooks. Furthermore, this is merely optional. The easiest thing to do is to still take the Software, make an ebook, and give it away to build your list 🙂

BNS # 3: My personal email template that will help you write emails that sell. This email template has graced me with over $1.5 million dollars in affiliate commissions. Not gross. But direct profit
to me over the last 7 years. All you have to do is use it to your advantage. It also includes a campaign strategy that will guarantee you always get high conversions and make as much money as possible. Even with
a small list when you're just starting out. Heck, One guy took this sheet and had a 7k gross comms promo through JVZ and he kept 3.5k of it. Wanna know how many clicks he sent? 89. Even small lists will profit thanks to this bnus alone.

BNS # 4: While this whole giveaway method will work whether you have a website or not, I highly recommend also having a website AS WELL as using the social media strategies that I'm giving you above. Websites can be such a HUGE gain for organic traffic. But we all know that only happens if you rank, and ranking is hard. So, to help out a bit I'm giving you an advanced ranking software that will build over 5000 high quality backlinks of different tiers to any website you want. Personally, I would also use the blog / website to help have successful affiliate campaigns. This is outlined in the personal email template / strategy above. But, it will drastically increase your EPCs and conversions.

BNS # 5: I'll also be giving you exclusive access to a special software that will also help further build your list. Any time you make an aff sale or receive any kind of moolah through paypal, this software will look up that payer's information and add the email automatically to your list. It also integrates with all major Autoresponders. While not a HUGE deal, in the long run it will lead you to getting 4,000 to 5,000+ additional emails a year added to your list. Especially if you use the 30 social media free traff strategies I've given you above.

BNS # 6: Last but not least, are two things that will also make you a more well rounded expert in this whole “ebook / infoproduct” and “list building / email marketing” area. My goal with these bonuses is to fill in any gaps that might be missed. After all, what good are doing any of these things if you don't FULLY understand how and why they all work and lead to profit? Or if you don't understand exactly how to do it? So the first part of this bnus is my top 100 tips for selling the ebooks this software creates. Keep in mind, you DO NOT have to sell anything. You can 100% absolutely build your list by just giving these ebooks away rather than trying to sell them. The choice is yours! I did both when I first started and it has led to great success.
The second part of this bonus is several clever, underground methods for list building that don't have to do with the “givewaway” method I've described, or the “selling” method i've described.

Basically, I just want you to have EVERYTHING you need to build an extremely profitable list. If you think it's impossible for you, think again. Because I've given you everything you need to not only build your list for free using this software, but also MAXIMIZE your leads and MAKE AS MUCH AS possible by also list building with other proven successful methods. This way, you build it as fast as you can. And the more people on your list, the more people who read your emails, the more clicks you send to offers, and the more money you make.

For example, From my various email lists across 5 different niches… I made exactly 9,542 in aff. comms and profit in the last 10 days alone. This is literally the biggest and most profitable thing you could do online. If you want to succeed, you need a list. Help me help you get there.Lock in all of those bnuses I just listed, all with a real world monetary value of 275 bux, and let's work together to start changing your life by building you a highly profitable list. Snag it here before the early bird discnt expires.

And the best part? Once the list is built, you can literally make 20-30k a month in aff profits by simply working 3-5 hours a week. Seriously. If anyone doesn't believe me and wants proof, I'll send you my JVZ earnings in a screenshot over the last 10 days. Just reply to this email.

In the meantime, please go pick this up. My bnuses and training, along with this software and the training it comes with, will have you a VERY strong list built within 7 days. And it will continue to get stronger and stronger as time passes. By the end of the month, you WILL have a list of 10k active buyers IF and ONLY IF you take action now and follow the steps.

I know this post is long, but one more thing. We have to cover the OTOs:

OTO 1 – Beefed up Gold Version of Software – 37/47 options: This OTO is a beefed up version of the instant product lab software. It unlocks additional features that allow you create covers for your ebook, build proven to convert at 50%+ landing pages… (meaning 1/2 people who visit your page to get your free ebook will opt in.) and also a few other things. All in all, it's not a bad deal. Be sure to check what each option entails and get the one that's right for you. This is mainly worth it because of the DFY landing pages. For example, if you did pick up this OTO, you wouldn't need a website because it's got you covered with the landing pages. (In case you don't know, the landing page is where people opt in 🙂

OTO 2 – Advanced Moolah Making Training – 47/37 options: This OTO is THEIR take on how they suggest to make money with this software by selling the ebooks it creates. However, because one of my bnuses covers this EXACT topic and actually does it MUCH MORE in depth than this OTO does, this is a 100% not worth it for me. I would not buy this, frankly because my bnus is better, and I encourage you to do the same.

OTO 3 – DFY MOOLAH MAKING PACK – 67/47 options: Okay, so this is actually a really good OTO. Basically, you have the chance to choose between either FIVE DFY packs or 10 DFY packs. Honestly, go for 10 because it's a better deal. But here's why this OTO is probably the best one out of all of them. They're 100% complete packages that come with a unique product, a proven to convert landing page, a thank you an download page after they opt in, and it also makes you money because all YOU have to do once they deliver is put your affiliate links inside the ebook for the products that the creators recommend you promote. In essence, this will not only save you a TON of time, but it will get you many more leads because the landing pages convert, it will make you a lot more moolah because you can put your own aff links into the ebook knowing these are offers that have already been tested to make sales when people click the aff links from inside the ebook itself. I really like this pack. However, look at your needs and decide what's right for you. If your'e short on time, this is a good idea. Just take a careful examination of your goals, the time you have available to achieve them, and your technical prowess. Because if you have a ton of time, and are technically capable, then it may be better to save the 67 bucks and just do all this yourself as it would only take 10 hours a campaign to set up, and another 10-15 hours to tweak the landing page until it's perfect like the oens provided in the pack. As always, consider your options carefully and ALWAYS go with what's best for you and your business.

OTO 4 – Resell / License to Resell Rights – 397/297 options: Okay, you guys know how I feel about these resale packs already. They're generally ONLY worth it if you have an audience of people you can sell it to, or are perhaps really good with PPC. However, these are also always worth it if you have a list. And because I am giving you EVERYTHING you need to build a list, write emails to that list, and make sales from that list, this offer becomes much more tempting because you could sell this for yourself and keep all the moolah. Other things this pack include are DFY email swipes to promote this to your list. Complete DFY everything for you so you don't have to worry about not being good with technology. Yes they'll even set up your site. You als oget additional advanced training on how to sell IPL as your own, even if you've never had to send traffic anywhere in your life. Basically, this is perfect for anyone who wants a rare
opportunity to take someone else's months and sometimes years of hard work, and sell the fruits of that labor while keeping all the profit for themselves.

In most cases, I wouldn't recommend these kinda packs. But because everyone will be able to have a list of 2k or more within the next 7 days using THIS software and ALL of the bnuses and training I've put together, that puts each of us in a unique position to make a TON of moolah by selling this software itself to the new people we'll be adding to our list this week. So ultimately, consider if it's right for you when giving it a look. And if it isn't, that's absolutely okay. You still 100% of everything you need to crush it.

OKAY. PHEW. I'm pretty sure this is the longest email I've ever written. But I think that's because this is the most effort I've ever put in to creating the perfect storm of bnuses, trainings, and software that will enable you to build a list in ANY NICHE without ever having to spend a dime. And because list building is one of the hardest things to do, I HAD to be thorough and double check to make sure you guys had everything you need.

That's why this email is coming out at 11 am EST instead of 10 am EST. I've left no stone unturned. And with my help, you have everything you need to finally succeed online. Remember, I've made 8-9k profit in the last 10 days alone thanks to email marketing. And i only worked 4 to 5 hours to do it.

This will change everything for you if you just do it. So please, join me and let's conquer the whole damn online world!!

Here's the link one more time, it's currently still set to the early bird discnt but not for long. So, hurry!


PS – The jvz bnus pack will actually be on the JVZ website. Simply go to the “access my purchases” area and it should be in there. If it isn't, respond to an email of mine and I'll send you the download link.

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