Worried a product might be a scam? I’ll personally review it for you.

I've been wanting to start a service like this for a while now. You guys know I tend to review only the best stuff on this site, and that's mainly because publishing bad stuff causes drama and makes me anxious. Scammy sellers tend to freak out in big public ways when you call out their bullshit. Especially with a name like man, as someone who's been in the industry 8 years and done millions of dollars in sales. That's why I've created this private FB Soulweb IM Protection Group, though. So that if you have a question about a product I HAVE NOT reviewed, you can ask and I can give my honest, blunt opinion without worrying about having to deal with “vendor politics” and “public outbursts” that happen when writing anything negative about a crappy product in public.

So, if you're thinking about buying something… and want the advice of someone with over 8 years of IM experience and millions of dollars made in this industry… then join this group below. The goal of the group is to help people, especially each other, save money and learn how to spot scams. And I can do that without vendors going insane in a private setting like this.

Join the Soulweb Scam Protection Group on Facebook Here

Starting now, if you have any question about any product you're considering on purchasing, you can post in this group and I will give it a “quick review” and run through a checklist of things to determine if it's a trustworthy buy or a scam. So please ask away! And of course if you have any reviews or input on anything that anyone else asks, feel free to chip in!

My goal is to save you money and teach you the skills you need to make sure you don't get scammed. Together we can #makeIMhonestagain

See ya there!


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