List Masteree Review – Build a 1k+ list in 7 days for nothing. Plus an EPIC bnus pack

We've all heard it a million times. Building a list, no matter what niche you're in, is the easiest and best way to make moolah online. Why? Because it's a consistent traffic stream that you can send anywhere you want whenever you want. Without having to wait on Goog, or pay wild costs for ads.
And with this new course that's been out for a couple days now, as well as my bnuses, you'll be able to build a list of 1k+ within the next 7 days ALL WITHOUT SPENDING A DIME. But list building is just half of the equation, you need ot know how to sell to that list as well… and that's where my Bnus is going to come in and make you a ton of profit.
This course shows you step by step how 5 different 7 figure email marketers build their lists and make moolah from those lists. And… my bonuses put the rest of the pieces together so you can get started right away.
I've never been a fan of courses that involve interviews. But when I combine this course with the big bnus pack I'll be giving you, you'll have everything you need to dominate list building and start making some serious income online. So, what makes this special?
  • For one, it's only 7 bucks. Which si a fair price to get insider information from some of the biggest and best email marketers and list builders in the industry. It's a great course by itself and there's a ton of useful information in there.
  • But, to make it better, it needs more than just those interviews. It needs step by step training on how to build the list. It needs training on how to write profitable emails. It needs training on how to make profits with a list. And that's where my bonuses come in.
  • This course, combined with my bnuses, will enable you to immediately start building a list from scratch today without having to spend a dime. And you will get 1k+ hot leads in the first week, and those leads will continue to come in. By the end of the month, you could easily have a 5k+ list. By the end of the year, 20 – 25k This is something you do not want to pass up on.
To be real for a second, I tend to pass up recommending the 7 dollar courses because there's a stigma attached that they're all scams and not worth it. However, this one isn't a scam. It just lacks the necessary things that you need to really get jump started with it. Which is why I've put together such an in-depth bnus pack. This way, you can get started immediately and build a list hat will be an unlimited source of traffic and profits for the rest of your life.
Before we get to the bnuses, let me talk about the OTOs. As always, none are required. But I do like to give you the honest trust about them so you can save your money and only pick up things that align with your goals.
OTO 1 – Bill Hugall's 3k Coaching Program – 27:  Bill really made a name for himself by teaching hundreds of different  newbies on how to create a six figure business online starting from scratch and absolutely zero knowledge. Originally, he charged anywhere between 2500 and 5k for this training. Some of his success stories include Declan MC, who came from nothing and now is one of the biggest names in the online space.  Some of his other success stories include Mike From Maine, Mark Barret, and Art Flair. All who came into this knowing nothing, and are now at the top of their game bringing in hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars of profit every single year. You get the  exact training that they got. The difference? You don't have to pay the 5k. You only have to pay 27, and that makes this well worth it as well. “Why is it so cheap you ask?” because the only ting missing is you do not get the 1 on 1 contact with Bill. But to be honest, this training is so thorough and so in-depth you don't need Bill. And you can always feel free to ask me questions if you get stuck on something! So definitely pick this up if it aligns with your goals.
OTO 2 – Email Mastery Training – 27: This OTO addresses what the front end left out. And that's how to write profitable email campaigns. I will give you my exact strategy on how to do that as well. However, what makes this OTO special is they interview 5 of the top email marketers who are each making 15 to 30k every single month from their lists. In fact, I am one of the people that was interviewed. There's a TON of gold nuggets in here and a lot of step by step actionable methods. Each person in ecah interviews reveals their best and most reliable promo strategy. Meaning you'll have 5 different ways of creating profitable email campaigns. In my opinion, this is a great OTO and definitely worth it. Even wit hthe bonuses I'll be giving you.
All in all, both OTOs are worth it. especially for such a low price. But just be sure they align with your goals!
Okay, let's talk about my bnus pack and how it ties everything together.
My custom made bnus pack is designed to tie all the pieces together. It will give you the info you need to start building a list for no cost. It will give you my best promo strategies so you can make profits with your list. And it will even reveal some of the most up to date and advanced techniques that you'll e able to use to profit. Whether your list size is 300, or 1000, or10,000… the bnuses will be highly invaluable to you. So even if you don't end up starting right now to build a list, keep these. Because these are some of the same resources I give to my email consulting clients who also pay me 5k to teach them how to write profitable email campaigns.
Bonus 1) My best Free Traffic Methods – This bonus will allow you to start sending traffic. Without traffic, no one will opt in. So, I wanted to give you this so you can start sending targeted traffic from any niche and start building your list immediately at no cost.
Bonus 2) My Best Promo Methods that Have Made me 1 million in affiliate comms – This is a bnus that will show you my best and most reliable promotional methods that guarantee high conversion, high EPCs, and a ton of profit. It's the exact strategies I use to make 300k+ profit a year from email marketing. I give this to my 5k+ consulting clients, but I wanted to give it to you as well because it will really help you and remove the fear factor that comes with writing emails.
Bonus 3) List Building Kickstart – This course will walk you through step by step how to combine the techniques from Bnus 1 and create that 1k+ list in your very first week. Be sure to give this a thorough read through and take notes.
Bonus 4) List Building Secrets – This bnus will give you the best secrets and tips and tricks so that you dominate the list building and email marketing scene. Gone are the days of using blogs to make moolah. Instead, use the blogs to build your list. That's not to say you have to have a blog, you absolutely don't, but what I'm trying to say is a list is all you need to make a full time profit online. So take this seriously and jump right in!
Bonus 5) Pitfalls to avoid – I've been doing email marketing now for 8 or 9 years now and I've learned A LOT about what to avoid so that you don't screw anything up and can continue to make profits no matter what. I wanted to include this so you have a more well rounded understanding of how you're going to dominate with this type of marketing.
Bonus 6) How to Pick Profitable Things to Promo – One of the first things you have to do to insure you are going to make profits wit ha campaign, is actually pick a product that will convert and make you money. This isn't something that is just “common sense.” it takes at least a year of practice before you are able to reliably pick winners and losers. After all, if you spend an hour or two on a campaign for a product that isn't actually going to make you moolah, then you're going to be upset. Well, this bnus shows you step by step my process for picking products to promote that will convert and make you the most moolah possible.
So, yes. I have put together a GIANT bnus pack for a measly 7 dollar course. And While I would have loved to save these bnuses for something else, I realized you NEED them. And since my goal is to help you succeed, these bnuses give you everything you need to do just that.
So, are you ready to build a 1k list within the next 7 days and grow it bigger and bigger from there? You should be. Because it's the #1 way of making profit online, and it allows you to work from anywhere in the world. It also gives you control of your own life. How? Because it only takes a couple hours a week to have 1 or 2 profitable campaigns that will make you anywhere from 3k to 5k a week. Even with a small list of 1000.
Your bnuses will be with your wplus receipt, or in the wplus product access section. If you have trouble  finding it send me an email with your receipt and I'll send you the whole pack.
PS – Sorry I haven't been doing as many reviews lately. My wife is 2 months away from having our baby boy, and he's SO big that they've put her on bed rest. So my time has been dedicated directly to taking care of her and my daughter. But I'm not going anywhere, and I'll always be here to help you weed through all the BS online and hopefully make your wildest dreams come true.


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