Rank on page 1 in 48 hrs or less

Ya Know, I hate Google.

Mainly becuase it takes FOREVER to get results.

But today I heard about a softawre that gets page 1 rankings in 48 hours. Which means 100% instant results. Which means I was intrigued.

So, I had to investigate.

See how they're ranking on page 1 of Google in 48 hours here:

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X-ranker 360 Overall Score: 8/10. (some minor costs if you want to build additional backlinks than the ones it builds for free. Other than that, this would've been 10/10. By minor, I mean like $7 extra dollars. The backlinks are optional. The interview explains it all.)

OTO 1 – Unlimited Agency – $67 bi-annually. This package allows you to rank videos for customers and clients. This would only be useful to you if you'd be interested in making money doing something like that… maybe through clients on the warrior forum, or fiverr, or maybe if you run an offline SEO business. It also unlocks the entire software which allows you to have UNLIMITED campaign. The front end software gives plenty of campaigns. Around 100 a month. So you won't be hindered there. This package is just for those who plan to use the software to make money by selling it as a service to other people.

OTO 2 – Link Indexr Backlink Ranker – $67/6mos Link Indexr is a powerful software that builds powerful backlinks and does a ton of other things to make sure your rankings stick. Don't get me wrong, this software will 100% rank videos without these additional backlinks. But look at this like an insurance policy… it makes sure the rankings tsay there forever so that you get traffic forever. It's genius. So, if there's any OTO i'd recommend for newer people, it'd be this one. But again, you'll do just fine with what's included alone. So decide for yourself if this is right for you.

Now, for you new readers out there… welcome to Soulweb. I try to review everything 100% honestly and ethically. I hope this has been helpful to you.

ALl in all, this is another one of those “winners.” The OTO's could be a bit better and I wish they weren't recurring, but the 2nd OTO at least is dEFINITELY worth it if you want these rankings to last for years and years rather than months. IT all depends on how long and serious you take your business. So totally gonna be up to you on those. But the front end is DEFINITELY worth it.

Click Here to Lock This in for $37 at 11 am EST on 11/2 Plus get the bonuses below…



Click Here to Lock This in for $37 at 11 am EST on 11/2 Plus get the bonuses below…

Questions or comments? Put them below! I look forward to answering or helping! You DO NOT want to miss this.

  1. kenneth young, 03 November, 2016

    to many up sale man i am tired of all theses products with up sale after upsale i will pass on this besids theres another product that just came out that dose the same thing or better and its cheper made by a very respeted devolper check it out tubespy not tryring to be funny man but iam just saying to maney upsales on this product these guys drvolpers are getting greedier and greedier and they lost my money when they do that

  2. Christopher Cyrus, 03 November, 2016

    Where can I get a copy of Tube Spy?

  3. Didds, 03 November, 2016

    I bought it,how do I get the Bonuses ? They are not on the jvzoo page….?

  4. Stephen Gilbert, 06 November, 2016

    Submit a ticket at http://soulweb.freshdesk.com and David will send ya the bonuses!

  5. russ, 03 November, 2016

    Kenneth, agreed.

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