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Super Simple Profits is an incredible course that covers 6 simple, yet never seen before ways, that together make $30 a day.

Launching Sunday October 12th at 11 am EST – 100% Commissions Through the Funnel – and more.

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If you need anything or a review copy… you can contact me on skype at:  Stphnynglbrt   or via email  at

The front end consists of a high quality membership site that shows over the shoulder video training on six different ways to make $5 a day, for a total of $30 a day.

The OTO is an optional addon bundle that includes one more method for making $10 a day. This on average converts at 27 – 35% at a $17 price point.

The 2nd OTO is also optional and has high conversion rates of 35 – 50% at a $7 pricepoint.

Remember, you get 100% commissions through the entire funnel.

Now, the big question… do I support my partners? You're damn right I do.

In fact, I placed 2nd on the biggest launch on JVZoo ever.. SEO ZEN:
Final Leaderboards + SEO Zen Launch Stats - - Gmail

I also placed 7th on the 3rd biggest launch in JV ZOO history. Granted, I didn't have a partner 🙂

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So yes, I do support my partner and I support them hard. Here's some recent affiliate stats from my accounts just to prove the kinds of sales I can send to those who have great products as well as reciprocate for me….

Affiliate Dashboard - (1) My Affiliate Stats - WSO Pro   WarriorPlus



But don't take my word for here it… here's what recent partners have had to say about my business:

alex   “Not only is Stephen a top guy, he's a super affiliate. Any promotion he does, he'll absolutely so all gund blazing with it! I've seen him do ocuntless promos, and has rocked them all.

A valued JV partner, and a valued friend.” – Alex Jeffrey's


1598413_10153661607000018_77073324_n  “Stephen and Devin’s launches are always top notch, with great products and excellent sales funnels. They know how to get their affiliates high EPCs! On top of that, these guys are great with reciprocation and have been among my top affiliates sending 1000+ hops. Cheers guys!” Gavin A



1545692_239267752916012_1031071172_n   “You need Stephen Gilbert on your launches to make tons of money…Why? The guy sends leads that are thirsty as some blood-sucking vampires. And he does his magic with just bunch of emails; he sent 2 mails for my launch and made more than 350 frontend sales. Put it simply, the guy is crazy or as they say just brilliant.” Austin E. Anthony

1969244_10151883695041567_181373022_n “Thank you Stephen for helping us make Tuberank Jeet such a grand success! You sent us a big-load of clicks and had amazing conversions. I am impressed mate!… Thanks for grabbing your spot on our leaderboard, and here's to many-many more … Cheers!” -Cyril ‘Jeet' Gupta

224499_4262246036180_1986999783_n “Stephen was the top affiliate on my last launch pushing a whopping 346 Front End Sales!  And not only that, he’s consistently supported my launches with an ultra low lifetime refund rate of just 2.6%.” – James Sides


1006029_502470389836578_274748258_n “Stephen Gilbert's products always convert like crazy for me. I love how he incorporates real case studies into his courses. Not just that, he any bring THE HEAT to your launches when you support him” – Precious Ngwu

530583_4936567017145_1717893921_n“Stephen Gilbert's products always convert like crazy for me. I love how he incorporates real case studies into his courses. Not just that, he any bring THE HEAT to your launches when you support him” – Joshua Zamora

SONY DSC   “Stephen Gilbert is a top notch marketer that creates quality high converting products and regularly tops JV boards.  With an endless sea of product launches I ignore 95% of them but not Stephen's.”
– Chris Winters


So in short, I humbly ask that you join me on Sunday October 12th at 11 am EST. Not only do you get 100% commissions through the entire funnel, but you get the benefit of knowing that the product you're promoting is top notch. I guarantee you'll be proud to promote something like this, and you're unsubscribe rate will be incredibly low. See ya then!

If you need anything… you can contact me on skype at:  Stphnynglbrt   or via email  at

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