Traffic Trigger – Software gets free traffic fast…

It's not often I find a software that actually GETS free traffic.

But that's what we have today. And it works very well, and their results are very compelling.

And not only is this a software… but it's a full package of case studies, videos on how to make money using this traffic, DFY campaigns, and more. All with the front end!

See just how cool this is, and everything you get below.

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Traffic Trigger Score: 9/10– This is a huge package of stuff that will give you everything you need to make money with this software and method. The only reason it isn't getting a 10/10 is because the traffic comes from Videos. Thankfully, they give you videos to use included with the course, so if you are afraid to make videos they've got you covered.

Here's the main reasons this is good:
+ Detailed proven way to make up to 3k a month using free traffic
+ Everything you need is in the front end price of the course
+ Software works as promised and does indeed get free traffic

OTO 1 – Blog Ranking Pack – $57 This OTO is all about using the same strategies the front end software uses to rank videos, but accept for your websites and blogs. If you have a website and blog, definitely pick this up ebcause it will greatly boost your reach and rankings.

OTO 2 – Additonal Blacklink Module – $47┬áThis is another software that will build you tier 2 backlinks. OTO 1 builds tier 1, this one builds tier 2. Giving you a more robust ranking profile which will boost you in the search engines.

OTO 3 – DFY Videos – A: $39 B: $47/mo Since the free traffic the software gets you comes from videos that the software ranks, they decided to put together two packages for people who don't like making videos. Option A is $39 and gets you 40 different videos in many different niches. Option B is $47/mo and gets you 200 videos immediately, and 10 more videos a month. This pack involves 70 different niches. So you may be fine just going with Option A. But if you want those additional 10 videos a month, then maybe you can opt for the most expensive option. But for me, what I'd probably do is buy the $47/mo pack so I can get the 200 videos at once, then just cancel. That way I get more videos for just 8 more bucks. Food for thought!

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  1. Diane Wooddell, 23 May, 2017

    I have decided that internet marketing is not for me. I have tried out several offers but nothing seems to work for me. If there is anything I need to do refund wise, let me know. I really like your site and appreciate all you do. Hopefully I will find an offer that will work for me.

  2. Stephen Gilbert, 24 May, 2017

    Hey Diane, sure just be sure to contact support desks at everything you purchased and you’ll be good. You should still be in the refund period

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