Tube Rank Explosion Review & Interview – Rank ANY video on page 1

I say it all the time: Free traffic is the best traffic to start with, that way you can keep costs low in your online business.

And one of the best ways to get traffic, happens to be YouTube Videos.

Before you roll your eyes, or get hesitant because videos make you nervous, hear me out.

You don't actually need to make ANY video if you don't want to. There's plenty of ways around that… heck I used ot be nervous about videos too, so I get it.

But the fact remains if you can rank a youtube video to page 1, you will get a LOT of traffic no matter what niche.

Heck, I had an obscure clickbank review video ranked from 2012 – 2014. That video made me $2500 and it was only 3 minutes long.

So I TRULY believe in the power of videos and making profits online. And whether you're an online marketer, or an offline marketer, you'll wanna see today's show to see how they're ranking on the page 1 for every keyword in every niche and every difficulty.

See how you can rank ANY video on page 1 of Google, no matter what niche.

Watch Today's Tube Rank Explosion Review & Interview:

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Tube Rank Explosion: 10/10. This is not only a course, but a case study as well. And it's made but some of the most honest and ethical marketers in the industry. (which are becoming harder and harder to find these days.) These guys are known in the IM circles as “the video guys” because they just have a natural talent and the methods for ranking videos on YouTube. WHat follows in this course is a practical, simple way that anyone or any business can use to rank videos in any niche of their choosing, for any keyword.

This course is the BEST video ranking course I have ever seen. And whether your'e new, or moderately experienced, this course will teach you EVERYTHING you EVER need to know about ranking YouTube videos. It's the best video ranking course I've ever seen.

As always, none of the OTOs below are required. I would never recommend something that was a bait and swich like that and have frequently called others out against it. (see:, and also Soulweb IM Protection Group on Facebook.)

OTO 1 – The Scientific $700 Case Study + Rankings Boos Software – $37 – This is a nice OTO. It gives you an additional video case study on how they made $700 with one video. It also comes with a tool that will give your videos a SERIOUS rankings boost. This is an awesome software that will help you get an edge on the competition. Definitely worth it.

OTO 2 – YouTube Ads Training- $97 – This is a discovery ads masterclass with done for you research. They show you how to harness the power of the Google Display planner to encoder the exact targeting you need to run discovery ads successfully. This will not only further boast your rankings in the long term, but lead to more leads and sales because you'll be advertising. This will be an over the shoulder process. They do the research and provide keywords and interests and topics for one niche of your choosing. You can then submit the niche and keyword you want to rank for, and they will do the research. You will only have to copy and it date when taking your ads. This method they use to rank on page one of google with a video for the most difficult and competitive keywords.

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I'm so impressed with this course, I've put together a pretty good bonus pack as well. That way, you get a ton of value.

Special Bonus
1. Rapid Traffic Guide – You're gonna get access to this course that shows you how to get fast, free traffic in any niche. This isn't PLR. This course was created by Gary Alach and sold for $17. I twisted his arm so you guys could get it for free. Meaning you get two courses for the price of one. My favorite part about this bonus, is you can combine it with your ranked videos to really overpower your competition and get a ton of results.

Questions or comments? Put them below! I look forward to answering or helping! You DO NOT want to miss this.

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